Dollhouse of Doom

Dollhouse of Doom
By: Caitlin Inzinna

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The 3D Animation and Game industries are highly competitive and demanding. Finding work in this environment requires a strong portfolio that can compete in a national and international arena.

  • There is no Portfolio Review for incoming Freshmen. If it’s your first semester in college, we welcome everyone – regardless of your high school experience.
  • Understanding this reality, the ANGD department strives to help students find if they will be successful in this major as early as possible in their academic career.
  • First year at UIW = overview of all the areas of 3D Animation & Game Design.
  • After first year all ANGD students are required to submit a portfolio of the work completed in the ANGD first-year core.
  • Only upon passage of this Portfolio Review can students enter the Animation or Modeling concentrations and continue study within the major.
  • Portfolios are reviewed at the end of the first year.
  • All transfer students who wish to start in the Modeling or Animation concentration classes must submit a portfolio at the scheduled portfolio review time the SPRING semester before they plan to attend.
  • Since the number of applicants will vary each year, passing grades in first-year classes will not guarantee admission to the major.
  • Students who do not pass the portfolio review may resubmit a portfolio the following year. Students who plan on resubmitting a portfolio for review should retake some or all of the first-year courses to enhance their portfolio.

Please note that acceptance to the University does not guarantee admission to the 3D Animation & Game Design major.